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5-17-11 Shinjuku Sinjuku Ward, Tokyo 160-0022 Hakuou Building 1F [Google Maps]
4 minutes on foot from Toei Subway Line Shinjuku-Sanchome Station.
10 minutes on foot from JR Line Shinjuku Station.

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5-17-11 Shinjuku Sinjuku Ward, Tokyo 160-0022 Hakuou Building 1F  Google Mapsで開く

Not only do we exchange currency, but also we provide information about Shinjuku, Tokyo.

Welcome to SHINJUKU EXCHANGE @ YASUKUNI-DORI. When coming to Shinjuku, please stop by our shop, which is close to Kabukicho. Kabukicho is a huge nightlife district that is filled with the sense of Asian vibes. There are so many yakitori restaurants, izakaya, conveyor belt sushi, kyabakura, and so on. We are not just a currency exchange shop; we also provide information about this area and inexpensive hotels. Please stop by SHINJUKU EXCHANGE when you come around this area.

Feel free to drop by SHINJUKU EXCHANGE if you are passing by.

  • Before getting moved by the night view of Shinjuku tower buildings

    Shinjuku Nishiguchi has many tower buildings such as Sumitomo building, Nomura building, NS building. They have more than 50 floors and are popular date spots because each of them has restaurants and bars where you can enjoy the night view. Before looking down Tokyo, why don’t you have some coffee at SHINJUKU EXCHANGE?

  • Before enjoying the beauty of the garden at Shinjuku Gyoen

    There are many buildings in Shinjuku, but Shinjuku Gyoen is where there are lots of green trees among the gray. The garden is as big as 58ha, and they have Japanese, British, and French style gardens. The number of trees is over 10,000. Before inhaling the fresh air in the urban city, SHINJUKU EXCHANGE will keep your baggage.

  • Before savoring Japanese tastes at Isetan’s basement food floor

    Isetan’s “basement food floor” is now a popular sightseeing spot. The best part of it is you can enjoy Japanese dishes from deli to sweets. It would be nice to buy some foods and eat on the bench in Shinjuku Gyoen if the weather is good. Those who think “I am going to shop!,” please visit SHINJUKU EXCHANGE that is located right in front of Isetan.

  • Before enjoying the nostalgic vibes of Showa era around the Golden street

    “Shinjuku Golden Street,” which has nostalgic vibes, have many pubs that can accommodate only about ten people. It is where cultural figures, such as writers, editors, movie directors, and actors/actresses, visit and create sub-cultures and underground cultures. If you want to have some drinks tonight, please come to SHINJUKU EXCHANGE to collect some information before going there.