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1F, 26-7 Udagawacho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, 150-0042 [Google Maps]
9 minutes on foot from JR Line
or Keio Line
or Tokyu Line
or Tokyo Metro Line Shibuya Station.

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1F, 26-7 Udagawacho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, 150-0042  Open Google Maps

Not only do we exchange currency, but also we provide information about Shibuya, Tokyo.

Hello, we are SHIBUYA EXCHANGE. We are located near center-gai and provide services that help tourists enjoy Shibuya fully. Needless to say, Shibuya, which is next to Harajuku, is known as a center of “kawaii” culture that leads Japan. Please ask us about fashion, delicious sweets, and Shibuya’s latest information in addition to money exchange.

When you come to this area, please stop by SHIBUYA EXCHANGE!

  • After witnessing the strange view of diagonal crosswalk

    Even though 3,000 people start walking at the same time, they do not bump into each other. The diagonal crosswalk, also known as Shibuya Crossing, is a bit strange view in which you can feel the sense of Japanese people’s diligence and regulations. If you wanted to see the view while sitting, you can go to Starbucks Shibuya Tsutaya store. Before witnessing the walking art, you can leave your baggage at SHIBUYA EXCHANGE.

  • After being surprised at female high school students’ uniforms

    Center-gai is a symbol of Japanese young people’s culture. Many teenagers are walking around the area. There are many fashion stores, fast food shops, and record shops, and the town is the center of Japanese female high school students’ culture. If you stop by SHIBUYA EXCHANGE in order to exchange money, you may be able to find the latest information about Shibuya.

  • Before enjoying the latest “kawaii” culture at 109

    The transmission of kawaii culture is here, Shibuya. 109 is filled with kawaii clothes and items, and there are so many teenagers. 109 is continuously creating new “kawaii” and progressing. Before lamenting “I want to buy so many things but don’t have yen!,” please come to SHIBUYA EXCHANGE that has good rates.

  • After charging your energy in the rich forest of Meiji Jingu

    The big forest as if the urban city has a hole. Meiji JIngu is a Shinto shrine that worships the Emperor and Empress and a power spot where people who want to have a good luck should go. Going through the crowd of Harajuku Station, you can see the rich green forest. After charging your energy at Meiji Jingu, please come to SHIBUYA EXCHANGE on foot!