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Best Denki Honten 1-9-1 Tenjin Chuo Ward Fukuoka City, Fukuoka 810-0001 [Google Maps]
10 minutes on foot from Tenjin Station.
5 minutes on foot from Tenjin-minami Station.

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Best Denki Honten 1-9-1 Tenjin Chuo Ward Fukuoka City, Fukuoka 810-0001  Open Google Maps

Not only do we exchange currency, but also we provide information about Tenjin, Fukuoka.

Welcome to our shop! We are Fukuoka Exchange. We are located in the first floor of Best Denki Honten. If you are tourists who would like to purchase electric appliances without worrying about the budget, please stop by our shop that has good exchange rates. Hakata, Fukuoka is the biggest city in Kyushu. The city has so many delicious foods and things that you want. Why don’t you collect some information about Hakata from our shop before exploring the city?

Please visit Fukuoka Exchange if you are in the Tenjin area.

  • Before purchasing Japanese electric appliances at Best Denki

    Fukuoka Exchange is located in the first floor of Best Denki Honten. Best Denki Honten has 10 floors—the first basement to ninth floor—and they are filled with Japanese electric appliances. They have everything from refrigerators to TVs. In order to purchase those items as low price as you can, please visit Fukuoka Exchange.

  • Before going shopping in Tenjin Chikagai that extends over 600m

    Tenjin Chikagai is underground shopping arcade that runs north and south under Watanabe Dori. Tenjin is one of the biggest cities in Kyushu, so the arcade has first street to twelfth street, and the length is 600m (about 1968ft). You can enjoy shopping on rainy days too since it is underground. Why don’t you go there after checking your baggage at Fukuoka Exchange?

  • Before having some special dishes and drinks

    There are many yatai in the Tenjin area. The total number of yatai is over 200. There are many kinds of yatai that serve some Fukuoka’s local foods such as Hakata Ramen and Hakata one bite gyoza, as well as some unique dishes such as Yaki-Ramen and Mentai Tamagoyaki. Fukuoka Exchange can provide information about good restaurants.

  • After enjoying delicious Hakata ramen

    Anyone who visits Hakata wants to eat Tonkotsu ramen. Its soup is thick and creamy that has rich taste. Shin-Shin that is located near Tenjin station is particularly popular because of its light and delicious taste although it looks heavy. The shop is close to Fukuoka Exchange, so please stop by our shop to have a cup of coffee.