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Money exchange shop that has the No.1 rate. We have our branches throughout Japan including Tokyo.

In order to enjoy Japan fully with a limited amount of money, a wise traveler would compare the rates that currency exchange shops have. However, as a reality, one has to pay expensive commission fees when exchanging at a bank, airport, and other money exchange shops. Sakura Currency Service does not charge commission fee and tax. Our unique money exchange skills allow travelers to have better rates than anywhere else, which helps them enjoy their trips. Our shops that are located throughout Japan including Tokyo have staffs who can speak either English or Chinese or both, thus those who cannot speak Japanese can exchange money without worrying.

Our money exchange shops also sell US dollars, euro, yuan, and the like with inexpensive prices over the counter.

For those who live in Japan: Aren’t you exchanging money by paying expensive commission fees at a bank or airport when going abroad or transferring money? We, Sakura Currency Service, sell US dollars, euro, yuan, and other currencies over the counter. We exchange Japanese yen to other currencies with better prices than anywhere else. We have our branches throughout Japan, thus please visit our shop that is in your area.

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If you get sick in Japan

If you get sick in Japan, what should you do? Thinking that sudden injuries, toothaches, or flu are not relevant to you because you are healthy may cause you some troubles. It is going to be too late to regret that you should have had the knowledge of Japanese medical treatment after becoming sick. Thus, this article introduces useful websites that helps you utilize medical institutions in Japan. Foreign tourists should be prepared in order to travel Japan without worrying. HI(Japan Healthcare Info) This institution provides the information such as what you should do, how much the treatment costs, and what public services you can use and coordinates you and proper medical institutions based on your request. Language is the common barrier for foreigners especially in regard to the publicly funded health care system, but this website offers you a support on this aspect as well. However, unfortunately, it does not seem the website has a Chinese version. If you can understand English, please take a look at this website. Click here for more information Japan the Official Guide  When you don’t feel well This website has the list of about 320 medical institutions throughout Japan that meet the requirements of Japan Tourism Agency and Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare and can accept foreign tourists. This website is the useful medical institution guide when foreign tourists get injured or sick It has various kinds of languages such as English, Chinese, and Korean, thus it is very useful. It explains: -The basic information about Japanese medical institutions -How to use medical institutions and what you should be careful -The sheet that helps you convey your symptoms to doctors Click here for more information If you get sick in Japan, you may also need cash. Please exchange at Sakura Currency Service that offers the best rate to prepare for such situations.