Taxi in Japan

In Japan, you can get in a taxi that is driving on the street like in other countries. It is very convenient because they stop anywhere for you by just raising your hand. However, if there is a designated place to take a taxi, called taxi stand, mostly near stations, you have to wait in a line. If you stop a taxi and try to get in it, ignoring the line, you will be considered rude.

Japan’s taxi drivers are well trained, so they are mostly polite; they have good manners and they will not ask you for more money than it actually cost or for tips. Tipping culture does not exist in Japan, so just paying what the screen shows is fine.

The starting fare in Tokyo is 410 yen until 1052m, and 80 yen will be added every extra 237m. In Osaka, the starting fare is 680 yen until 2000m, and 80 yen will be added every extra 266m. These are just average, just so you know.

If you do not have cash, you can use credit cards. Please do not forget to notify your credit card company before using the card in Japan, though; otherwise, they may doubt that your card is wrongly used in Japan that is far from your country and stop your card.

If the amount is small, cash is more convenient than cards. Please stop by at Sakura Currency Service with the best rates when you run out of cash.