Restaurants that do not accept credit cards are increasing

Japanese do not like to use credit cards, and of 300 million of credit cards that are registered every year, only 12% of them are actually used. Therefore, there are fewer stores that accept credit cards in Japan compared to other countries. In addition, the fact that Japan is a relatively safe country, and it is not dangerous to carry cash is also one of the reasons that many Japanese do not utilize credit cards. Businesses such as restaurants do not like to use credit cards either because they need to pay 7% commission fee. Rather, they want to avoid the fee and the offer better price for customers in order to beat their rival businesses.

Recently, even fancy restaurants have started refusing credit cards during the lunch time, and the number of such restaurants is increasing. Even if the signs show the mark of VISA or Master cards, they may not take your cards. This is because fancy restaurants offer lunch with the price that they make almost no profits; they consider that the lunch time is an advertisement. Thus, accepting cards results in the red. For customers, if they pay with cash, they can have delicious dishes inexpensively.

Of course, the businesses pay the 7% commission fee, not the customers, but in the end, the additional cost will be reflected in the price. In order to enjoy delicious meals, paying with cash is the best option. Before going to restaurants, please come to Sakura Currency Service that offers the best rates.