Manners at public baths

These days, onsen (hot springs) is popular among foreign tourists. In Japan, people are familiar with public baths, thus they acquired manners at such places naturally. However, there may be foreigners who have never taken a bath with strangers while being naked. Therefore, it is not unusual if they think “How can I follow the rules?” or “What are the rules at public baths in the first place!?” Thus, this article is going to explain how to use public baths properly. Please enjoy them by following the rules that are explained below.

1. Wash your body before going into the bath tub.2. If you have long hair, tie your hair so that it does not touch the hot water.

3. In the bath tub, do not use the towels and soaps and do not rub your body.

4. Be careful not to splash water or hot water to others.

5. Do not dye your hair or do the laundry.

6. Wipe your body well before going back to the place where you take off your clothes or going to the sauna.

7. If you get sweaty, wash the sweat off before going to the bath tub.

8. Do not leave the water or hot water running.

9. Do not use public baths when you do not feel well.

10. Keep an eye on children and do not let them play.

11. Rinse quickly the washbowl and chair that you use.

12. Do not leave the trash. Put things you used back.

This may be just a common sense, but what you have to do is just “do not disturb others.” Please be nice to others so that everyone can enjoy the baths. Lastly, please stop by at Sakura Currency Service that offers the best rate because you can buy “coffee milk” (café au lait) that is popular among Japanese only with cash.